Dschingis Khan – Mongolisch: Chinggis Khaan

HOT Music present: DuyaChinggis Khaan`s Heirs

Official Song of Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex – Memorial – Mongolia – Khaan’s History.The idea for the song was born 2006. At this time, the writer of the song lived and worked in Mongolia.The project and the song are a homage to the memory of Chinggis Khaan and hissuccessors in preparation of 800th anniversary of Chinggis Khaan. We do not lay claim to completeness and correctnees . This song is a dedication to the great man of the Mongolian history who formed this the beautiful country.The singer is Mongolian and the writer lived in Mongolia for many years.Therefore both have an extensive knowledge of this country and its proud inhabitants. Music & Production by CK West, Text by Norbert Lange, Vocals by Duya & Norbert Lange (Background) & Instruments by CK West CK West Music – Germany